Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Weight loss surgery. Bariatric surgery.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, includes a number of procedures designed for obese and morbidly obese people. This surgery helps them to lose weight as well as keep it off.

Weight loss surgery includes:

  • Gastric Band

Gastric Band Weight Loss Surgery

Gastric band surgery involves the insertion of a silicone band at the top of the stomach. This reduces the size of the stomach and also slows the transit of food.

  • Gastric Sleeve

Gastric Bypass for Weight Loss

A sleeve gastrectomy (gastric sleeve surgery) involves the removal of part of your stomach (approximately two thirds), which creates a pouch or sleeve.

  • Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass for Weight Loss

Gastric bypass surgery involves redirecting the gastrointestinal tract. The goal is to bypass the stomach and create a small pouch in the small intestine. The initial part of the small intestine is also bypassed. Because of this, fats and sugars are poorly absorbed, decreasing your body’s calorie absorption.

It is extremely important to optimise your nutritional status pre- and post-surgery, so as to prevent the development of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

How can PPN dietitians help with bariatric surgery?

Our dietitians have experience in all types of bariatric surgery. We understand the preparation required prior to surgery as well as during the recovery period. We will also educate and guide you through the different dietary stages and ensure you are meeting your nutritional requirements. This is important to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies. We also provide ongoing support to ensure that you are receiving adequate nutrition in significantly reduced food volumes, as well as provide appropriate meal and recipe ideas.