Paediatric Nutrition

Paediatric Nutrition

What is paediatric nutrition?

In the first 12 months of life, a human grows faster than at any other time. Making sure your infant is getting the right nutrition is vital to getting the best start to life. Breastfeeding is the preferred source of nutrition up until about six months of age, but if you are unable to breastfeed, infant formula is also suitable.

The introduction of solids and timing of certain foods play an important role in allergy prevention, and habits formed during toddler nutrition are important for setting a good dietary framework for later in life.

How can PPN dietitians help with paediatric nutrition?

Our dietitians can help you and your infant if he/she is struggling to gain weight (failure to thrive), has trouble feeding, gut or digestive issues, colic, reflux or allergies/intolerances. We can advise you of a suitable dietary strategy in terms of breastfeeding or a suitable formula to assist with any of these issues.

Once solids have been introduced and into the toddler years, we can help you with strategies to deal with fussy eating or determine whether there are deeper issues such as food phobias. We can also help you with suitable balanced and nutritious meal and snack ideas for toddlers and children if you are looking for some guidance or just want to check that you are on the right track.