Nicola Lee

Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist

Nicola Lee

Nicola Lee is an Accredited Practising Dietitian (Dietitians Association of Australia), Accredited Sports Dietitian (Sports Dietitians Australia) and Accredited Exercise Physiologist (Exercise and Sports Science Australia) Nicola has a double degree in Nutrition/Dietetics and Exercise/Sports Science from the University of Sydney. She is currently completing the International Olympic Committee diploma in Sports Nutrition. 

Her key areas of interest in nutrition are weight loss, team sports nutrition, treatment of chronic diseases including diabetes and heart disease, bariatric surgery, oncology, pre- and post-natal nutrition and adolescent nutrition. 

Nicola’s aim as an exercise physiologist is to enable anyone and everyone to be physically active and achieve their exercise, sport and activity goals.

She has spent the past three years working in regional New South Wales and has recently joined the PPN team. She loves playing sport, exploring the outdoors and experimenting with new and healthy recipes in the kitchen. 

Where to find Nicola

You can contact Nicola at the following locations

Peninsula Physical Health and Nutrition (Head Office)

15 Railway Grove, Mornington

Phone: 03 5974 1011

Fax: 03 5974 1022