The PPN/PACE Diabetes annual Funwalk

The PPN was Diabetes annual Funwalk was a great success with over 250 participants and a total of $7050 raised. 100% of the funds raised went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund to help find a cure for Type 1 Diabetes.

One touching story from the day came from a lady who’s daughter has had Type 1 Diabetes since the age of 3 and she had seizures last week and temporarily lost the use of her legs so she came in a wheel chair. Her mother wrote me this email the week leading up to the event;

Kate is 28 and has had type 1 since she was 3, she is currently waiting for a SPK transplant ( kidney and pancreas) and has every horrible complication from T1 including;

• P.R.E.S. syndrome
• Epilepsy
• Cardiomyopathy
• She’s legally blind- diabetic retinopathy
• Gastric paresis
• Celiac disease
• Brain Damage
• Lost the full use of her legs
• Hair Loss

You name it she has it……………………but she amazes me with her fight once she gets the transplant she wants to talk to your T1’s to say ‘hey, this is what can happen if you don’t take it serious and teach others it’s not just don’t eat sugar’.

Kate came on the day with the support of her two friends and we mentioned her as an ambassador in our speech before the walk. Afterwards, I emailed her mother to see if she enjoyed herself and her mother wrote this;

Last week when Kate lost the use of her legs (temporally ) she was ready to give up and we had to do a lot of talking and get all her friends to help us to get her to keep fighting, so when you guys showed your love and care it really convinced her to keep fighting.

Once again, thank-you for helping us to make a difference together in Kate’s life and hopefully that of many others too. We hope you can support us again in the future.