A day of eating on the Low FODMAP Diet

A lot of people are trying a low FODMAP diet to help alleviate unpleasant symptoms associated with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS); however, because of its restrictive nature, it can be difficult to achieve nutritional adequacy, balance and variety in the diet.

Due to these common problems, we have formulated a nutritionally-balanced plan inclusive of low FODMAP meals and snack ideas, to help make it easier for you to choose foods throughout the day, without compromising your nutritional status and overall health and wellbeing.

1) Omelette: 2 eggs, a dash of milk, tasty cheese, spinach leaves and capsicum
2) Porridge: ¼ cup oats, ½ lactose free or fortified soy milk, ½ tsp cinnamon and ½ cup mixed berries
3) Fruit Smoothie: 1 cup of lactose free or fortified soy milk, ½ kiwi fruit, ¼ banana, a few mixed berries and 1 tbsp lemon juice
Serve with: Coffee with lactose free or fortified soy milk, or peppermint tea

Morning Tea/Afternoon Tea:
1) Piece of low FODMAP fruit: kiwi, under-ripe banana, berries, orange, passionfruit or pineapple
2) Nuts: 10 almonds, or 10 cashews, or 20 macadamias, or 32 peanuts, or 10 walnut halves
3) Small tub of lactose-free yoghurt
4) Boiled egg
5) Small tin of tuna

1) Rice paper rolls: made with chicken, carrots, coriander, cucumber and capsicum
2) Salad sandwich: 2 slices of spelt sourdough with cheddar cheese, tomato, mustard and rocket
3) Frittata: eggs + LoFo veggies of your choice (eggplant, carrots, small amount of zucchini, cherry tomatoes, spinach), add parmesan cheese, dash of lactose-free milk and salt & pepper to serve
4) Quinoa salad: quinoa, capsicum, Japanese pumpkin, sweet potato, zucchini, grilled chicken.

1) Baked salmon: with a salad made from cucumber, low fat feta, capsicum, spinach, olive oil and lemon
2) Spaghetti Bolognaise made with buckwheat pasta (add extra LoFo veg into a sauce made from minced meat and canned tomatoes)
3) Stir fry beef: lean beef mixed with oyster sauce, soy sauce and sesame oil (ensure sauces are gluten free), combined with diced carrots, zucchini, red capsicum, baby spinach, coriander and rice or rice noodles

1) Lactose-free yoghurt with mixed berries and 20g serve of nuts
2) Two slices of hard tasty cheese on a rice crackers
3) Two small squares of dark chocolate

For further information on how to improve the nutritional adequacy of your diet while following a low FODMAP diet, please contact one of our PPN dietitians.