Nutrition for Sports and Training

Health and nutrition play a major role in improving performance in all sports. Advice from a dietitian can be useful for any individual participating in sport or physical activity, whether it be Under 10’s basketball, running a faster time in a 5km fun run or looking to optimise your performance at the elite level.

What is sports nutrition?   

Sports nutrition involves implementing a specific diet and fluid plan to meet the needs of the sporting activity that an individual is undertaking to improve energy and performance outcomes. Different sporting events require different nutritional input to achieve optimal performance, whether that is endurance, power, speed or specific body composition.    


How can the PPN team help you?  

The dietitians at PPN have a vast understanding of the nutritional requirements of many different sports including long distance running, triathlons and body building. Your dietitian will work with you, taking into consideration your likes/dislikes, training load, goals and time constraints in order to develop a nutrition plan specific to your needs. This will take into account nutrition during training, pre event, during event (if necessary) as well as the best foods to consume post training/competing to ensure optimal recovery and improved performance in subsequent training sessions or events.     



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