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Understanding the Health Star Rating

Since the health star rating was introduced in 2014 it has led to some confusion and controversy. This…

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The truth about alcohol and your health

Alcohol is one of those things that most people enjoy but knows isn’t great for their health. A…

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The Principles of Sports Nutrition for Endurance Runners

Endurance runnershave one thing in common… they all do large amounts of training to achieve their personal best!…

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The health benefits of eating fish

Fish is a high protein food that is often forgotten in our diets. Fish should ideally be consumed…

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Plant based milks for optimal nutrition

No doubt you have noticed an increase in plant-based milks on the supermarket shelf over the last few…

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Nutrition for Women during Menopause

Do you feel like no matter what you do to lose weight, your body is working against you?…

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Nutrients to consider on plant-based diets

There is a general misconception that following a plant based diet will automatically result in deficiencies. A plant…

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Handy tips to living a healthy lifestyle

Make a plan and get organised – organisation is the key to healthy eating. Think about what happens…

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Staying healthy throughout winter

With the days getting shorter and colder, the easy thing to do is to head straight home from…

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