Setting Realistic Health Goals

For most of us, making a change can be incredibly challenging when we don’t know where to start. It can be the same when it comes to our health. How often have you said ‘I need to do more exercise’ or ‘I need to eat better’? Saying this out loud indicates that you are contemplating making a change; however, these statements are too broad and usually nothing ever changes as a result.

In order to put words into action, we need to start thinking about HOW to exercise more or HOW we can start to eat better.


Setting exercise goals

Ask yourself what you like to do. Sometimes something as simple as a walk is a good start or perhaps start putting that gym membership to good use (let’s face it, we all have one but never use it enough). If you decide that you will go for a walk, set the days and time of day. This way you are more likely to make it happen.


Setting diet goals

Similar rules apply to dietary changes. Think about your setbacks. Is it portions sizes, after dinner snacking, not enough water?

Once you identify what you need to change, put a plan in place to make it happen. Start working on one setback and continue to add to it as time goes on. One change might seem like nothing, but this way it does not seem too daunting and you are less likely to throw in the towel.

Ensure goals are realistic for you. Do not compare yourself to others and what they are doing. Most importantly all changes need to fit into your lifestyle. When making a change ask yourself: ‘Can I keep this up in the long term?’ If the answer is no, the goal needs to be amended to suit you and your lifestyle.

For further guidance, come see one of our PPN dietitians to help guide you through your lifestyle change!