Food Backgrounds-Women preparing healthy diet meal

What a day of eating looks like for a dietitian

Ever wondered what a dietitian eats?

It is important to remember that what everyone eats in a day will be different. What works for someone, may not work for someone else. Our age, gender, level of physical activity, work load and medical history will all impact our nutritional requirements. Plus we each have preferences, likes, dislikes, ethnic or religious backgrounds that may affect what we choose to eat.

 Here are some important factors that affect the way I eat:

  • My diet is based on healthy, nutritious, real foods.
  • I do include meat and fish on a regular basis
  • I do not count calories, I count nutrients. I look at the food as a whole to see what benefit it can provide for my health and well-being
  • I listen to my body. If I am hungrier one day or my energy levels are low I adjust accordingly
  • I am not deficient in any nutrients

Below is an overview of what I typically consume in a day. Alongside each meal I will provide some helpful tips and tricks to assist you in making a more informed decision when it comes to your own eating regime.

Hope you enjoy!

Before my morning walk:
1 large glass of water.

Consuming >2L of water per day assists in keeping us hydrated, preserving our energy levels and helps to keep our bowels regular too.

1 tub of YoPro Yoghurt (vanilla, passionfruit or neutral are my favourites), topped with fresh berries, 1 tablespoon of Muesli and 5-6 Almonds

The high protein content of this meal helps keep my blood sugar levels stable which assists in controlling my appetite throughout the day. If I have a nutritious breakfast, I am less likely to over eat at other meal times.

Morning Tea:
This usually alternates for me. Sometimes if I’m super busy or don’t have the appetite, I’ll skip morning tea. On other occasions I enjoy a fresh piece of fruit (particularly stone fruits at the moment), ½ handful of nuts of a small skinny latte.

I usually like to pair some left-over meat (protein) from the night before with a mixed salad or some roasted vegetables. Otherwise, I’ll throw a small tin of 4 bean mix on top of a salad and add ¼ avocado to ensure I am getting some healthy fats throughout the day. It is always important to add salad items and vegetables where you can to ensure you are consuming the recommended amount of fibre per day (30g). Cook up a large batch at the start of the week so you have always some on hand

Afternoon Tea:
A Peppermint Tea and either 2 vita wheat with hummus or a couple of slices of low-fat cheese

If I didn’t have a piece of fruit for morning tea I will have one for afternoon tea to make sure I get the recommended 2 servings per day. I may have a slice of my healthy banana bread if I have a fresh batch made

Relatively similar to lunch. My favourite dish at the moment is grilled salmon with a hint of soy and ginger, resting on a bed of fresh greens. I will also add ¼ cup of brown rice to include some Low GI carbohydrates. Low GI foods release sugar at a much more gradual rate than typical High GI (more processed) foods. Try freekeh, quinoa, couscous or buckwheat noodles for something different

1 large square of 70-80% dark chocolate