hMatcha-LatteFood Detoxing – does it achieve anything?

The latest nutrition headlines this week are based around food detoxing. Does it work? Does it actually achieve anything? The answer, unfortunately is no! Your body has ‘detoxing systems’ already in place, your kidneys and liver. These vital organs ‘detox’ or eliminate waste products from your body, leaving it as healthy as possible and able to function.

So, if you have hit 2016 with a few extra kilos, don’t try to detox all those ‘bad’ foods out of your body and life. Instead, aim for a more balanced approach that is sustainable for a long time, rather than trying to live on green smoothies and vegetables and end up falling in a heap after a week because you are lacking vital nutrients and energy.

How to shift the festive weight?

1. Make sure the majority of your meals consist of fresh produce, with at least half your plate being vegetables.
2. Include protein in every meal to help increase satiety.
3. Decrease portion sizes and eat off a smaller plate if need be and definitely skip the second helping.
4. Exercise! Aim for 5 times per week. Do it first thing in the morning, so it is done for the day, and aim for at least 30 minutes, including exercise that increases your heart rate.
5. Limit processed foods.
6. Drink plenty of water, aiming for 2L per day.

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