bowl of pink himalayan salt

Healthy ways to add flavour

Growing up, I was often told that salt was the only or best way to add flavour to a meal. But, that’s not really true.

In fact, there are several ways you can add flavour to your food without compromising the nutritional benefits it can offer.

  • Fresh herbs – Herbs will go a long way in adding flavor to a meal without the need for additional sauces and salt. Consider combinations such as parsley, garlic and lemon or coriander with Mexican foods or mint, coriander, dill and parsley in a salad drizzled with lemon juice rather than a creamy dressing.
  • Curry powder – this can be used to enhance the flavour of a meat and vegetable dish and will give a certain saltiness, removing the need for added salt.
  • Lemon juice – the zing and tartness of lemon juice can lift the flavour of many dishes when added at the end. Lemon juice with a fresh fillet of fish rather than tartare sauce. Add lemon juice to a grilled piece of lamb or chicken to give it a Mediterranean inspired flavour. Also perfect as a salad dressing.
  • Garlic – a great addition to most savoury dishes. With minimal calories, garlic packs a good punch of flavour and completes most pastas, casseroles and stews, and when sautéed with onion it makes the house small amazing and give a great caramelization to these dishes. It even gives a great bite to a salad dressing.
  • Cinnamon – such a versatile spice and when added to a bowl of porridge is the difference between a bland bowl of oats and something a bit more exciting. Often cinnamon added to oats eliminates the need for the addition of honey or sugar, saving excess calories. The same goes for a smoothie or a slice or muffin mix.