Top 5 foods to swap this Spring!

Top 5 foods to swap this Spring!

Now that the weather is getting warmer, it’s time for a spring clean and to shake off those few extra kilos you may have gained over the winter months.

Here are a list of 5 things you may want to swap this spring in order to improve your nutrition and health:

1. Swap white bread for wholegrain bread – Wholegrain bread is higher in dietary fibre with a Low GI meaning it get gets broken down slower by the body, making you feel fuller for longer and hopefully preventing overeating.

2. Swap takeaway pizza for homemade pizza – Bought pizza is usually incredibly high in saturated fat and calories. Consider making your own pizzas at home using wholemeal pita bread wraps for the base, extra light tasty cheese and plenty of veggies to keep the calories low.

3. Swap cider for vodka sodas – Cider is very high in calories and sugar whereas vodka soda has no sugar and fewer calories. Add a slice of lemon or lime for an extra kick but remember to still watch the number of drinks you consume.

4. Swap butter for avocado – Butter is high in unhealthy saturated ‘animal’ fat whereas avocado is high in healthy unsaturated ‘plant’ fat, which helps improve cholesterol and protect against heart disease.

5. Swap fruit juice for fresh fruit – Fruit juice is much lower in dietary fibre and high in calories. It also doesn’t provide the same ‘bulk’ that fresh fruit does, meaning you are likely to keep on snacking.